Progeny Dance

We are Progeny Dance, a central pathway to the development and production of opportunities in the performing arts for creatives in Barbados and the Caribbean region.

Our goal since 1999 is to create and innovate towards excellence in the expression of our identity, through the refinement and redefinition of our culture and history and communicating our vision.

At Progeny Dance there is a fundamental commitment to artistic development and expression, which is achieved through the creation of nurturing atmospheres that immerse individuals in healthy, holistic, safe and self-sustaining habitats.

The team is committed and dedicated to charting new courses and building relationships with thriving local, regional and international agencies in performance and arts creation, leading to equitable returns that support the vibrant, holistic, artistic development and expression of our talented young people and members across our communities.

Progeny Dance . About Us

Let our entity be...


Progeny Dance thrives on originality of thought, concept, and execution. We create nurturing atmospheres by developing and promoting spiritual approaches, attitudes, aptitudes, and competencies that are adaptable, confident, responsible, visionary…

We give each other and ourselves unconditional love and complete respect, dedication to the process and commitment to sharing and celebrating our experiences, rewards, and recognition.

  • •   Believe, apply and work to improve.
  • •   Creativity and innovation are the reason we exist.
  • •   We strive to refine and redefine ourselves and our product.
  • •   Towards excellence in expressing our culture and history and in communicating our vision.
  • •   Invest in our future.

Progeny Dance is led by a team commited to the creative development of the performing arts.

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